Pont Audemer Spaniel

region France
cut 52 - 58cm
weight 18 - 24kg
dress curly in chestnut brown or gray flamed colors, as well as white with chestnut brown.
eyes The dark eyes are amber in color, also hazel and rather small
ear moderately thick, flat, large ears are covered with long, silky, curly hair
behaviour gentle, very endearing, with a good ability to adapt
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 7, Section 1, No. 114
Care: It requires more intensive care. Brush and comb daily Utility: good hunting and companion dog Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
The Pont Audemer Spaniel comes from a variety of small, chestnut-brown spaniels that once lived in Normandy, and the Irish Water Spaniel, which gave it its tall size and strength. Nowadays, the breed is not very widespread and is only held by a few hunters in Normandy and Picardy. Very well suited for reed work, in swamps and in deep water, it works with great zeal in thickets and searches quickly and persistently. Its fur is practically waterproof, so it can stay there for a long time.