Brittany Spaniel

cut female: 48-49 cm male: 49-50 cm
weight approx. 13.5-16kg
hair  short and thin
dress white and clad in orange, brown, black, brown tricolor or black tricolor
head rounded
eyes in harmony with the dress, preferably dark
ear Brittany Spaniel Silhouette approx. 13.5-16 kg Height female: 48-49 cm male: 49-50 cm Short, fine hair White coat with patches of orange, brown, black, brown tricolor or black tricolor
tail short (natural or cropped)
behaviour lively and affectionate
federation FCI Nomenclature group 7 section 1 no 95
A Brittany Spaniel is a breed of short-haired dog from the spaniel group that is renowned for its hunting skills thanks to its abilities as a pointer, retriever, and retriever.
Brittany Spaniels, as their name suggests, developed in Brittany, France, in the 1800s. The Callac region in particular was renowned for its breeding Very popular, it is one of the most widespread French dogs the world
The Brittany Spaniel is obedient, intelligent, very easy to train and has strong dressage skills. With a balanced character, he can also make a good companion dog because he does not have an aggressive temperament, even if he is quite independent. . Sociable, he gets along well with other animals, as well as with children. Lively and sporty, endowed with an excellent flair, he is a born hunter who prefers the countryside to the city, but can be content with living in an apartment if he is taken out regularly. He is on the other hand very runaway male as female..