Drente Partridge Spaniel

Netherlands region size 55 - 63 cm weight 21 - 23 kg head relatively wide, moderately domed and has a weak furrow on the forehead going from the weakly marked stop to the moderately developed occipital bump medium-sized oval-shaped eyes are amber in color drooping ears tail long plume whip gentle demeanor, having good adaptability, easy to lead Federation FCI Nomenclature Group 7, Section 1, No 224 introduction Care: It requires more intensive care. Brush and comb daily. Utility: very good hunting and companion dog Life expectancy: 12 to 13 years origins The Drente Partridge Spaniel is most often kept by farmers in the Netherlands. Its original name comes from the Dutch word “patrijs”: partridge. It seems to have common ancestry with German longhaired pointers and it seems that it has existed almost unchanged for over 500 years already. business card Category