Mastiff of Majorca

region Spain
cut Males 55-58cm; females 52-55 cm
hair  short and rough to the touch
dress Brindle, fawn and black. White spots are allowed on the front feet, chest and muzzle up to a maximum of 30% of the body surface. The black mask is also allowed
head Powerful and massive
eyes ovals in the darkest possible color
ear Set high, applied against the cheek at rest
tail In pink, inserted high and laterally, they are rather small; pulled and pleated back
behaviour balanced, affectionate with children, courageous, vigilant
federation FCI nomenclature group 2, section 2
The Ca de Bou, or Mastiff of Majorca, is a breed of molossoid dog originating from the Balearic Islands, Spain. Other names Perro Dogo Mallorquín, Dogue de Mallorca, Mallorcan Fighting Dog, Perro de presa Mallorquín, Mallorcan Bulldog. Defense use. Formerly he was a cattle dog. He is also an excellent companion dog. Care and health It is a short-haired dog, a simple weekly brushing is enough. Rustic, it tolerates bad weather well.
Ca de Bou means dog to bull, a nominal formation identical to that of the Bulldog in English. The Mastiff Majorcan was born from crosses between molossers brought by the Spaniards (Alans Iberian prize dogs) during the conquest of Majorca, crossed with native sheepdogs of the island (Ca de Bestiar) and finally the breed had blood of fighting dogs brought by the British (Bulldog, Bandog).
He is a peaceful dog who barks little, very affectionate and faithful with his masters. Of balanced character which makes him a pleasant family dog. He is a very obedient dog and an excellent guardian, sure of himself, dissuasive with strangers and without any gratuitous aggressiveness. His education must be firm but gentle. It can be dominant towards its congeners of the same sex, particularly between males.