region Scotland
hair  Shaggy and tough, but never woolly
dress Gray, brindle, fawn, preferably single-colored. Small white spots tolerated
head Long, thin, flat skull, nonstop
eyes Dark brown, medium size.
ear Small, light, arranged in a "rose", set high
tail Long, thick, carried low and almost reaching the ground.
behaviour Sweet, friendly, docile.
federation FCI nomenclature group 10, section 2, no 164
The Deerhound or Scottish Greyhound originated in Scotland. This breed used for fallow deer and deer hunting has been around for over 2000 years. The Federation Cynologique Internationale lists the Deerhound in Group 10, Greyhounds, Section 2, Standard No. 164 Care and Health The Deerhound can live to be around 9 to 11 years old. Young people need a lot of exercise to develop properly and be healthy. This does not mean that he needs a big house to live in, but he must have regular access to a space of freedom (enclosure) so that he can let off steam. Sport Racing events on cynodromes or racing. Sight pursuit on decoy (PVL) or coursing.
The most perfect creature there is", this is how the Deerhound was described by the poet Walter Scott (1771-1832).
He is a friendly, sociable and very reliable Greyhound. Obedient and very attached to his master, the Deerhound likes to please him. However, he is a true Greyhound who has been selected over generations for the pursuit. Therefore, most Deerhounds will be eager to hunt.