Black and Tan Coonhound

cut For males: 63-68 cm (25 to 27 inches) For females: 58-63 cm (23 to 25 inches)
hair  Short but tight to withstand harsh climates.
dress As the name suggests, the color is coal black with intensely colored tan markings above the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, on the chest, on the limbs and on the upper posterior surfaces of the thighs (breeches); there are small
head The head is clearly drawn. From the occipital protuberance to the tip of the nose it measures between 9-10 inches (23-25.5 cm) in males and between 8-9 inches (20-23 cm) in females. The expression is attentive, kind and ardent.
tail Set a little lower than the topline, it is strong and carried freely, but in the dog in action it forms about a right angle with the back.
federation FCI-CLASSIFICATION Group 6, Section 1.1
The black and tan dog for raccoon hunting is above all and in its essence a hound that follows the path of game on the ground and forces its prey to take refuge in a tree; he is able to resist the rigors of winter and the heat of summer and is capable of surmounting the greatest difficulties which the terrain in which he is called upon to work may present. Employed mainly in tracking raccoons which he forces to take refuge on a tree, he follows the path of game only by scent. His skills and courage make him suitable for hunting deer, bear, mountain lion and other big game. The club responsible for the breed asks judges to give due consideration to these abilities when evaluating a subject's qualities. the dog for raccoon hunting impresses with its power, agility and alertness. He immediately impresses with his energetic and rhythmic gait with long strides. Given its activity as a hunting dog, any subject should have a moderately heavy frame and good muscle tone. Males have more developed bones and muscles than females.
Of a balanced, sociable and peaceful character. As a hound, he must be able to work in contact with other dogs. Some subjects are sometimes reserved, but they are never fearful or vicious. Aggressive subjects towards humans or other dogs are highly undesirable.