bearded collie

region England
cut 53 to 56 cm for males 51-53cm for females
weight 25 to 30 kg
hair  The coat is double, the undercoat is soft and tight, similar to fur. The outer coat is flat, rough, strong and shaggy
dress Slate gray, reddish fawn, black, blue, all shades of gray, brown and sand, with or without white markings
head broad skull, moderate stop
eyes large, more or less dark brown, depending on the age of the dog and the color of his hair
ear medium height, drooping
tail carried low, or slightly raised, never rolled over the back
behaviour placid, moderate, cautious.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 1, Section 1, No. 271
He is a generous dog, who only wants to please his masters. But behind his "teddy bear" appearance, the Bearded Collie is a rustic, dynamic and resistant dog. From his origins, this shepherd has kept a great need to exert himself whether through work, walks, play... His joie de vivre, his liveliness, his curiosity and his always outgoing side make him very endearing. The bearded collie is easy to live with and to educate, but be careful not to be moved by his fluffy looks. Balanced, affectionate, sensitive, of stable character, he is sociable and loves children. Little barker, he is not the guardian type. If you are tempted and there is reason, however, know that this teddy needs care. Weekly brushing should be done. The ears should also be waxed and cleaned regularly.
The bearded collie, bearded collie or even more colloquially "beardie" is a very old breed of British sheepdog. He is said to be descended from the Commodore of the Central European Magyars. From the beginning, he has been able to survey large areas and he drives cattle with great efficiency. The English high society, however, also appreciated it as a companion dog. A painting by Gainsborough dating from 1771 depicts a Bearded Collie which illustrates very well the popularity of this breed as a family dog.
CHARACTERISTICS Alert, lively, confident and active. TEMPERAMENT Intelligent, stable working dog, in no way fearful or aggressive.