Griffon Vendeen lighter

region France
cut Male: from 50 cm to 55 cm Female: from 48 cm to 53 cm
hair  Long, without exaggeration, sometimes bushy, rough to the touch; undercoat provided
dress Black with white spotting (white and black). Black marked with fawn (black and tan). Black marked with sand. Fawn with white spotting (white and orange). Fawn with black mantle and white spotting (tricolor). Charcoal fawn. Charcoal sand with white variegation
head Slightly domed, quite short, not very wide
eyes Dark in color, large and lively
ear Soft, narrow and fine, covered with long hairs and ending in a point
tail set on high, carried like a saber blade, but never like a sickle, rather short
federation FCI CLASSIFICATION Group 6, Section 1.2, No. 19
Hound, used for shooting big game and also hare and fox.
It is the only breed keeping this name "BRIQUET" which means medium-sized dog. The selection dates from before the First World War by the Count of Elva. It is a harmonious and improved reduction of the great Vendéen, distinguished, rather collected in its construction. Decimated several times during the wars, the Briquet type reappeared in Fontenay le Comte in 1946. Currently, there are many quality subjects, a batch of Briquets won the French cup on deer in 1995 and many batches are decoupled in the way of the boar.
Behavior: End of nose; fast dog with a pleasant throat, he does not refuse the bramble; very skilful on rough terrain, it hunts rather with its nose to the wind. Character: He takes a lot of initiative, he is enduring and robust. He must be a closer, launcher and leader all at the same time. The Briquet is an avid hunter; the master will have to make him obey.