Slovak wirehaired pointer

region Slovakian
cut 62 to 68 cm for the male and 57 to 64 cm for the female
weight 25 to 35 kg
hair  the coat is formed by a short and fine undercoat, and the outer coat of about 4 cm is hard, straight and laid down. In the lower part of the muzzle, the hairs are longer and softer and form whiskers. Above the eyes they are more m
dress the basic color is sable shaded with brown (known as "gray") with lighter and more fawn variants without white spots, or with white spots on the extremities and chest. Also "grey" with more or less large spots or soft
A medium-strength dog, made for work, the Slovak Wirehaired Pointer nevertheless has a certain nobility of form. The bottom of the coat is said to be "grey" and the hair is hard. For both males and females, a dog with a solid build, but not heavy, is sought. The eyes are almond-shaped, well set between the sockets, amber in color, animated by an intelligent expression. The ears are set above eye level, rounded in shape. The tail is moderately strong, set rather high, carried downwards when the dog is at rest; it is held horizontally in action. It is cut at mid-length.
Like the Czech Bearded, it comes from hunting dogs widespread in the former USSR.
It is a dog adapted to work in the plains, in the woods and in the water. He is an excellent researcher and reporter. Docile, the Slovak Wirehaired Pointer also has a lot of temperament and is easy to train.