Braque Saint Germain

region France
silhouette medium
cut 54 - 62cm
weight 20 - 25kg
behaviour calm, balanced, low energy
Care: easy to look after, brush daily Utility: Pointer and reliable retriever, it is an easy companion to train with little protective instinct. Life expectancy: 12 to 14 years
When King Charles X. received two black and orange Pointers as a gift from England, the Braque Saint-Germain was born around 1830 from Miss, a female Pointer, and a black and orange Braque male. It was from the seven puppies signed in white and orange with a pink nose that breeding was continued at Saint-Germain. This is how it received its name and standard at the end of the 19th century. Currently, the Braque Saint-Germain occupies the third place among French pointers. It searches in a very lively way, but nevertheless slower than the pointer. Preferably, he hunts under the gun and crosses the terrain without getting too far from the hunter.