Braque d'auvergne

region France
cut 55 to 63cm
weight 22 to 25 kg
hair  short/flat, dense
dress black and white
head Long
eyes Dark, hazel eyelids
ear tied down
tail Shortened
behaviour friendly
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 7, Section 1, No. 180
The Braque d'Auvergne is a breed of dog. Its more or less mottled or greyish black and white color has earned it the unofficial but common name of Bleu d'Auvergne. Utilization It is a pointing dog with a characteristic continental type. He is courageous and passionate, versatile, he adapts easily to all vegetation, to the hunting habits of his master with whom he naturally keeps in contact. He is enduring, his gallop is economical which allows him to go to the end of the longest days of hunting, very affectionate, he is a perfect companion whose qualities make him the ideal accomplice of the hunter.
Whether it arrived in France with the return of the Knights of Malta or whether it is the product of a local selection from a stock common to all braques, after crossing with a black pointer from Wales, the result today is a breed that has been firmly established for two centuries by and for hunters. He has a strong identity that his dress has helped keep. There were only a few dozen subjects left after the Second World War, but since then the breed has regained momentum thanks to pointers.
Its education is easy if one knows how to gradually channel its natural qualities. It is a very affectionate dog very complicit with the man. He likes to share the life of the family.