Polish Hound

region Poland
cut medium, 50 - 60 cm
weight 25 - 32kg
behaviour calm, easy to lead, amiable, persevering, enduring
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 6 Section 1 No. 52
Care: easy to care for, brush daily Usefulness: Excellent tracking dog, he only shows enormous endurance at low speed. It requires a lot of movement. Life expectancy: 12 - 13 years
The Polish Hound (Ogar Polski) is part of the group of short-haired hunting dogs whose ancestors arrived from Asia and Egypt and were used as hunting dogs long before our era. The one who played a big role in the evolution of the breed is the Saint Hubert dog. In the Middle Ages, some specimens of these animals probably arrived in Poland where they were crossed with Russian hunting dogs. From this connection were born dogs commonly called “Ogar”. The Ogar Polski can be used in any type of hunting, even in difficult terrain. His nosy instinct is very pronounced, he likes to work very close to water or in water. The current standard was recognized by the FCI in 1966.