Entlebuch Mountain Dog

region Swiss
cut Height at the shoulder: 40-50 cm
hair  The coat is short, tight and very close to the body, hard, smooth and shiny; the undercoat is thick and woolly
dress Coat colors are those of all Swiss Cattle Dogs: black background with symmetrical tan markings (ranging from yellow to rust-brown) and white
behaviour He is a lively companion, with an assertive but even temperament, a good courageous watchdog who is not easily corrupted. Intelligent and ardent, he likes to learn
federation FCI nomenclature group 2 section 3 no 47
Care During moulting, use a special comb with a double row of metal teeth to properly treat the undercoat. Normally, maintenance is limited. Dressage It is up to a master with a firm hand and knowing how to remain consistent in his approach, capable of developing a balanced dressage. During the socialization period, make sure that this dog, who learns very quickly, can experiment frequently and in a positive way with various human and animal situations and encounters. Above all, do not relegate him to the kennel, if he really likes being outside, he absolutely must be in the company of his master. Exercise This Bouvier needs a lot of exercise and should always be kept busy. Don't expect great adaptability from him; he will quickly become suspicious and will develop uncertain reactions if you limit his outings to three short daily trips. It has a fairly developed territorial instinct and shows little inclination to vagrancy. It is a good competitor for agility and canicross.
Originally a dog for herding and guarding property, among other uses. Nowadays guard and companion dog.
For him, as for all Swiss Cattle Dogs, family is the number one priority. It will notify you if anything abnormal happens. Rather suspicious of strangers, he will always announce their presence. Representatives of the breed are mostly gentle with children and rarely cause problems with other pets and livestock. defeating young children. likes to be stroked behind the ears, on the stomach and under the paws. he loves playing with young children and spending time with them. he also likes long walks because he is a dog who needs to let off steam in the fresh air. his biggest fault: jealousy. often of a jealous temperament, this herdsman loves being taken care of!