appenzell mountain dog

region Swiss
silhouette almost inscribable in a square, robust
cut 50 to 56cm
hair  Double
dress Black or tan background, symmetrical markings in tan or white color
head Fairly flat skull, slight stop, black or brown nose
eyes Small almond-shaped, dark brown to brown
ear wide and drooping
tail Strong medium length
behaviour Lively, bold and suspicious.
federation FCI nomenclature group 2 section 3 no 46
The Appenzell Mountain Dog is a Swiss Cattle Dog. Abilities Originally a dog for driving and protecting herds, tracking and guarding. Nowadays, mainly guard and companion dog. Care His fine coat requires little attention. Occasionally remove loose hairs with a rubber brush. Training It responds best to balanced, firm and consistent training. In his youth, ensure that he experiences various situations and his encounters with people and other animals in the most positive way. He learns quite quickly, partly thanks to his developed intelligence, but also because he likes to be busy with a job. It is a dog which does not adapt to the kennel. He certainly likes life in the open air, but only in the company of his master. Agility is a sport that suits him perfectly. Exercise A dog like this is out of place in an urban environment or a suburban building. He needs to be outside and attaches himself strongly to his territory. His herding dog instincts at the bottom of everything, the opposite of a wanderer. On a farm, he can spend as he pleases. It will be necessary to devote long walks to him and for him to be fully happy.
He is a robust, composed, brave and intelligent dog, moreover very lively and endowed with a naturally sharp guarding instinct. Very lively and nervous, this dog is not suitable for fragile people (the elderly among others). Social Behavior He generally gets along well with other dogs. The presence of cattle and other pets is also fine if he was accustomed to them in his youth. He is quite wary of strangers but welcomes friends warmly. A healthy, well-behaved individual is also gentle with children. He is devoted to the whole family but tends to develop more exclusive ties with his master in particular.