region England
cut 61cm (M), 56cm (F).
weight 30 to 40 kg.
hair  abundant and shaggy, not curly, rough, very dense undercoat.
dress grey, grizzled or blue. White head, neck, forelimbs and underbelly
head Wide and voluminous skull, well marked stop. Muzzle strong and square, long about half the head.
eyes preferably dark
ear small and carried flat on the side
tail often severed at birth. Uncut, she is very low, not curved and very hairy
behaviour Loyal, gentle, affectionate. Good companion for children.
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 16
The Bobtail or Ancestral English Sheepdog is a breed of sheepdog originating in England.
Before becoming the companion dog that we know today, the bobtail was a sheepdog but it could also have the function of guard dog (a plus on the financial side for the masters then not subject to the planned tax for the category of guard dogs). And the practice of cutting off the dog's tail at birth, which continues in our time from an aesthetic point of view, was basically used to avoid profuse bleeding in the event of fights with other dogs or herd predators. Hence its name bobtail or old English bobtailed sheepdog. Although he is fairly well represented by breeders and in exhibitions, he is a dog somewhat abandoned by the general public because he requires sustained maintenance due to his abundant fur and may seem tedious to his masters.
The bobtail is loyal, affectionate and trustworthy, but can be resistant to training. Very gentle, he will be a very good companion for children. He is also a vigorous, playful, turbulent and docile dog. He would prefer to be accompanied for each outing. Like most dogs of his build, he may not realize how strong he is.