region France
cut 60 to 70 cm for the male - 58 to 62 cm for the female
hair  short, hard, often a little big
dress completely white, white and café au lait, white with spots, light orange or lemon
eyes bright, open and dark
ear set a little high, rather flat and slightly turned in their lower part
tail long and strong
federation FCI nomenclature group 6 section 1.1 no 25
The Billy is a French hunting dog.
From the descendants of the Chiens Blancs du Roy, favorites of François I, Henri IV and Louis XIV, a lord of Billy, a commune in Poitou, had the idea of ​​creating this breed. A dosage of species that have now disappeared, such as the Montemboeuf or the Céris, gave the origin of this dog, fixed from the end of the 17th century. This dog is rarely found outside its region of origin and its survival is made difficult by a very fragile genetic heritage.
Naturally easy and pleasant, he is above all a hunting dog who needs a lot of exercise if he lives in an apartment, which is not ideal. Obedient, kind with children, he is never aggressive, except with his congeners, and even within the pack. Very little biter, he makes a poor goalkeeper