region Italy
cut 25 to 30 max
weight 2.5 to 4 kg
hair  Long all over the body, rather fuzzy, not layered, but in locks
dress pure, without any spot or shade of white
head Fairly accentuated stop and flat skull, black nose
eyes Well open, larger than normal; black eyelid rim, dark ocher iris
ear Set high, they are long and pendulous, rather rigid at their base
tail Attached in the line of the croup, it curves over the back
behaviour Very serious, generally not very restless, enterprising, docile, very attached to his master
federation FCI nomenclature group 9 section 1 no 196
The Bichon Bolonais is a very old Italian breed. The International Cynological Federation recognizes these small white dogs as the Bolognese.
Known as the Maltese bichon in Roman times, this dog was a very popular gift at that time. Its origin is from Italy. Philippe II received as a gift 2 Bolognese bichons and he said: "it is the most royal gift that one can give to an emperor".
Little restless, agile, attached to his master and likes to play (when he wants)