Romanian Carpathian Shepherd

region Romania
silhouette big size
cut Ideal: 65-73 cm in males. 59-67 cm in females
hair  The hair is rough, dense and straight. Dense and soft undercoat. With the exception of the head and the front faces of the limbs where the hair is short and flat, the hair is abundant all over the body, of medium length. On the neckline, the posterior side of the me
dress Charcoal sand (louvet) with different shades, often lighter on the sides and darker on the top of the trunk. Charcoal sand (louvet) with preferably non-invasive white markings
head Lupoid type. The length of the skull is slightly greater than or equal to half the total length of the head.
eyes Almond-shaped, slightly oblique, not too large in relation to the dimensions of the skull, dark brown in color. Neither protruding nor sunken in the orbits
ear Not too big, triangular, set a little above the line of the eye, with the end slightly rounded, contiguous to the cheeks
tail Set rather high, bushy, provided with abundant hair. At rest, it is carried low, straight or slightly saber, reaching the point of the hock.
behaviour dignified, calm and balanced
federation FCI CLASSIFICATION Group 1, Section 1, No. 350
UTILIZATION: Shepherd dog used by the Romanian Carpathian shepherds for centuries to defend the flocks while being, at the same time, an excellent guard dog.
The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd was selected from an endemic breed present in the Carpatho-Danubian area. For centuries the main criterion of selection has been usefulness, this dog having preserved its character intact until now. The first standard was drafted in 1934 by the National Institute of Zootechnics. This standard was modified and updated in 1982, 1999 and 2001 by the Romanian Cynological Association. On 30.03.2002 the Technical Commission of the A.Ch.R. has adapted the standard according to the model proposed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
An innate and courageous guardian, he stands out for his instinctive, unconditional attachment to the herds and to his master. It is a dog with a dignified, calm and balanced behavior.