Romanian Shepherd

region Romania
silhouette large in size but never heavy, vigorous and spectacular
cut Males: min. 70 cm, ideal 75 cm. Females: min. 65 cm, ideal 70 cm.
hair  The hair is abundant on the head and on the body, rough in texture, straight and at least 10 cm long. The undercoat is more dense and supple, light in color. On the limbs the hair is shorter. The tail is well furnished
dress Variegated coats: The background should be white with well-defined spots of black or gray color. Solid colors: Uniformly white or gray dogs.
head Powerful, massive, important in relation to the body
eyes Of medium size, oblique; hazelnut, dark brown or slightly lighter in colour, never yellow
ear Set relatively high, in a "V" shape with a slightly rounded end, 10-15 cm long, hanging down and close to the cheeks
tail Tied high. At rest, it is carried hanging down, reaching or slightly exceeding the hock
behaviour balanced and calm, courageous
federation FCI CLASSIFICATION Group 1, Section 1, No. 349
The Romanian Mioritza Shepherd was selected from a natural Carpathian breed, the main reason being utility. Thanks to its vigorous appearance, this breed has many amateurs in Romania.
He is a balanced and calm dog. He is a very good herding dog, very courageous and an effective fighter against possible predators (bear, wolf, lynx). Distrustful of strangers. He is very fond of children.