Finnish Lapland Shepherd

region Finland
cut 45 - 55 cm, medium
weight 20 - 25kg
hair  long and thick
dress black color with white markings on the neck, on the chest, on the legs and at the end of the whip
head medium long
eyes large dark eyes with a very expressive gaze
ear medium tall, broad at the base and very pointed ends are set well apart and carried erect
tail The consistently long whip is worn hanging down with a rising end
behaviour intelligent, courageous and open to learning, with a weak passion for hunting
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 5, Section 3, No. 284
Care: requires a lot of care, brushing and combing daily Usefulness: an excellent guard dog, insensitive to bad weather, he has great endurance and a calm character. Life expectancy: 11 - 12 years
It was created from 1915 by the interbreeding of German shepherds and collies imported into the Suomenlapinkoira. In 1946, he was recognized by the FCI Bred as a purebred especially in southern Finland, the Finnish Lapland Shepherd is highly appreciated for his remarkable qualities as a guard dog.