Icelandic Shepherd

region Iceland
cut average, the male measures on average 46 cm at the withers against 42 for the female
weight 15 pounds
hair  either short or long
dress fawn, with its different tones that can go as far as reddish brown or cream, chocolate, black and gray. Always accompanied by white
ear straight
tail rolled up
behaviour lively and courageous, sociable
federation FCI nomenclature group 5 section 3 no 289
The Icelandic Shepherd, or Icelandic Sheepdog, is a dog that likely descends from a Norwegian dog breed, the Norwegian Buhund. The Icelandic Shepherd is a lively and affectionate dog, as well as close to his masters.
The Icelandic Shepherd is lively and courageous. He is sociable, and children have nothing to fear from him. Very close to his masters, the Icelandic Shepherd is affectionate and has a good temperament. He is never aggressive and is always alert. The Icelandic Shepherd has a great need for space, and living in an apartment is really not possible with him. He must be able to let off steam at his ease in a large garden.