Tatra Shepherd

region Poland
cut 65-70cm (male) 60-65cm (female)
weight 55-60kg (male) 45-50kg (female)
hair  short (head), dense and long (rest of body)
dress uniform white
head dry and wide
eyes medium, expressive, dark
ear dangling, triangular
tail set not too high, long and bushy
behaviour independent, kind and protective
The Podhale Shepherd is an ancestral protector of herds, used mainly in the mountainous south of Poland against wolves, lynxes and bears who coexist with humans in the Tatra natural park. More recently in North America, it is also used for military and police purposes.
He descends from the hounds who came from Asia during the barbarian invasions several centuries ago.
Intelligent, calm and serene, he is a dog that adapts easily to the daily life of his family, in other words his herd. Naturally suspicious of strangers but never excessive, his breathtaking instinct allows him to fulfill his role of protector admirably: a person invited to enter your territory will be accepted by him, but in the event of a new attempt in your absence, the Podhale will consider him as an ordinary stranger, and will dissuade her from approaching in a formidable way. The Podhale Shepherd is a rustic, outdoor dog that tolerates the vagaries of the weather fairly well (from -20° in full sun to +40° in the shade). We will simply ensure for his comfort to install straw in a place sheltered from bad weather. He needs space and cannot live in an apartment or even attached. He needs a lot of affection and he likes to spend time with his family, for example on long walks, synonymous with effective socialization. Lively, playful and gentle with the family and children, it can even turn into a real pot of glue. His master must nevertheless show a minimum of firmness and authority, especially with the male, because the Podhale Shepherd can only flourish in a well-defined hierarchical system. Indeed, if his owner does not impose himself as pack leader, this dog will automatically tend to want to become the leader, and the risk of conflicts will be multiplied. Once in his place, even if he will not hesitate to challenge you regularly to control everyone's place, the Shepherd of Podhale will become a faithful accomplice. His education is long and requires a good dose of patience, especially with the male, but the game is really worth the effort.