Short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd

region France
cut medium, 38 - 50 cm
weight 8 – 15 kg
dress the head, unlike the rest of the body, is covered with short, fine hairs
head about as wide as it is long
behaviour intelligent, very lively
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 138
Usefulness: extraordinary reflexes, very good capacity for learning, vigilant, a good sense of observation Life expectancy: 12 years
Its origin is the same as that of the long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd.
He is a courageous, resourceful little dog, capable of initiative and entirely devoted to his master. He is strong-willed and a good grip is generally needed to channel his energy and make the most of his intelligence and liveliness. He is often suspicious of strangers.