Maremma and Abruzzo Shepherd

region Italy
cut 60 to 73cm
weight 30 to 45 kg
hair  well furnished, long, rough, well lying on the body
dress plain white
head large, reminiscent of a polar bear, slightly accentuated stop
eyes ocher or dark brown irises, black-rimmed eyelids
ear triangular, drooping, V
tail set low, well furnished with a bushy coat without fringe, hanging down at rest
behaviour proud, reluctant to submit, devoted to his master
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 201
The International Cynological Federation recognizes it under the name of cane da pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese.
The Maremma and Abruzzo Shepherd is a large white dog of Italian origin intended for guarding flocks of sheep. There were two distinct breeds: the Shorthaired Marremo and the Abruzzo Shepherd until 1958 when the two breeds came together to form one: the Marremmo and Abbruzzo Shepherd. He would descend from the Asian hounds of antiquity. He would be related to the Kuvasz (Hungarian shepherd). This dog is currently used for guarding herds. The white color was selected over the centuries so that shepherds could easily distinguish it from a wolf in case of attack. It is often seen with a collar equipped with a large spike, this gives it an advantage if it has to fight against predators (although most prefer to avoid confrontation with large dogs).
Given his stubborn nature, this dog is not very easy to train, and therefore it is strongly advised not to be too strict in the way of giving him orders; the particularity of this dog is the attachment to the territory and the sense of protection towards the people who live there. From an early age, it is recommended to give him a lot of affection and to make him feel like participating in the life of the home.