Majorcan Shepherd

region Spain
cut between 66 and 73 cm for males, between 62 and 68 cm for females
weight Average weight around 40 kg
hair  Short and well laid out
dress black
head Slightly triangular in profile
eyes Rather small, slightly almond-shaped, ranges from rosemary honey (fairly light) to carob honey (dark)
ear Broken, of reduced dimensions compared to the head, triangular
tail Set on horizontally and circular in section, quite thick at its root
federation FCI CLASSIFICATION Group 1, Section 1, No. 321
Dog of slightly convex profile, of large size but without exaggeration and of medium weight; he is entirely black or black with white markings on the chest, well proportioned, hardy, strong, muscular, robust and agile. There are two varieties of hair: - short hair, the most widespread variety, - long hair.
Of great nobility, he has only one master and hardly accepts the advances of strangers. Intelligent, docile, affectionate, very shy and reserved when young; its sensitivity reaches unsuspected limits. Faithful to his master until death. His gaze reveals to us what he thinks. He is brave and quarrelsome.