Shepherd of the Serra de Aires

region Portugal
cut medium
hair  long
dress yellow, brown, gray, fawn, wolf and black more or less marked with fire with or without mixed white hairs
head strong and wide
eyes dark
ear drooping
federation CFI no. 93
Sheepdog and utility dog ​​Herd In Portugal, to see him working you have to have an eye, because it is in the middle of nowhere that you see in an oasis of greenery a shepherd with either his sheep or his goats, he is often accompanied by a Rafeiro do Alentejo and one or two Serra de Aires. You are very lucky if you see this rider in the distance with his herd of cows and his dogs. But what a treat for enthusiasts... In France, some are fighting for the Cão da Serra de Aires to find its true place as a sheepdog. Their efforts are rewarded because in Auvergne 6 dogs work on herds of sheep, goats and cows. There is even a female dog “Pop des gardes de la Houlette” who took part in a competition on cows! Agility Physically the Serra de Aires has skills to practice Agility. This is due to a good weight to size ratio allowing it to have a fast and light stroke. In addition, the power of his thighs allows him to cross the various obstacles without difficulty. Thanks to its energetic gait and its great ease in changing direction, it executes a course quickly and without difficulty. On the ground, he is always alert, attentive to the orders given to him. About ten dogs have their patent which is a good average considering the livestock in France. Obedience Its docility and its attachment to its master make it a gifted dog for obedience. Intelligent, calm, balanced, he learns very quickly. He is anxious to carry out the orders given to him as well as possible. Above all, he likes to please his master. Several female dogs: Panaka, Six-Trouilles, Up, Utops and Avelã des Gardiens de la Houlette have obtained their certificate, this is also a good start. Cavage Our shepherd has more than one string to his bow, but of course he can do it and even she did it "Sintra des Gardiens de la Houlette" and his master Doctor JB Mortier go to the looking for truffles. He educated her as soon as she arrived home and now they are complicit in their search.
The Serra de Aires Shepherd is a dog resulting from a cross (probably with the Brie Shepherd) originating from the largest province of Portugal "The Alentejo".
Admittedly, the Serra de Aires is basically suspicious and shy like many shepherd breeds, it must be properly socialized (first by the breeder from an early age and then by its master), it then becomes a very pleasant dog to live. He adores his family, he is a great playmate for children with whom he will have a natural bond. It is also a very good guard dog for the house day and night, watch out for prowlers! Life with him is filled with happiness and sweetness, he shares your everyday life but also knows how to stay alone at home.