Bergamo Shepherd

region Italy
cut 54 to 62cm
weight 26 to 38 kg
hair  very abundant, long, rough, forms locks in the back part
dress uniform gray or with black spots, isabelle or light fawn shades are admitted as well as entirely black coats if the color is opaque
head broad skull, accentuated stop
eyes large, more or less dark brown
ear rather small, set high, semi-drooping
tail carried in saber
behaviour watchful, moderate, patient, cheerful
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 194
The Bergamo Shepherd is a breed of dog of Italian origin. The International Cynological Federation recognizes it under the name of cane da pastore bergamasco. It is sometimes also called bergamasque. It was originally intended to drive and herd sheep.
The Bergamo Shepherd is an excellent guardian, he does not wait for an intruder to enter the house to corner him like the German Shepherd does, but barks as soon as he is behind the door. His favorite gait is the trot, he can easily pass into a gallop. It was the favorite dog of the Romans, it was made to kill wolves as soon as they approached the flock of sheep.
This dog needs a firm education, he is intelligent, vigilant, moderate, patient, agile, docile and smart.