Swiss white shepherd

region Swiss
cut 55cm to 61 cm for a female / 61 cm to 66 cm for a male: medium size
weight 25kg to 35kg for a female / 30kg to 40kg for a male
hair  Short hair and semi-long hair, of medium length, dense and well lying, under abundant hair. Smooth, coarse outer coat
dress White
head Wedge-shaped, powerful, slightly marked stop
eyes Almond-shaped, oblique, dark
ear Straight, medium height, elongated triangle shape, pinna forward
tail Saber-shaped, bushy around the edges
behaviour Attentive, vigilant and glue pot
federation FCI nomenclature group 1 section 1 no 347
The White Swiss Shepherd is a German Shepherd type dog, but white in color. Use The White Shepherd is a dog for everyone. He likes the company of the man and he is very attached to this one. He is an excellent playmate, especially with children. It is a dog that often takes the imprint of the master: "such dog, such master". Like all dogs, the white shepherd must be educated. Depending on where you buy it, you will have to teach it to live with good neighbours. Many breeders tend to leave puppies in cages or pens and the animals know neither the collar nor the leash and even less the car. It is therefore important to take it very early (2 months) to compensate for its deficits. Some breeders have understood this well and take care to respect the dog by educating him, allowing him to understand his environment, making him discover the world so that he is healthy and balanced. This avoids fears and aggressiveness (this is valid for all races). The White Swiss Shepherd is one of the most versatile dogs. He can do everything and it is a major asset for his future. He can exercise many professions but in France we are far from having been able to open all the doors to him. For the moment, in France, the white shepherds work mainly in the following areas: companion dog, medical dog, track dog, guide dog for the blind, security dog, sheepdog, avalanche dog, water rescue, in agility and obedience. The Swiss white shepherd is officially authorized to bite since February 4, 2006. The white shepherd is a very dynamic dog, easy to educate, very sociable once the bond is established, and very gifted as a herdsman. It is very difficult not to get attached to his White Shepherd who is a very cuddly, playful dog, he needs company all the time and is unhappy when he is not with his masters. Where to find a white Swiss shepherd You must therefore pay particular attention to your choice to be sure not to buy a white shepherd crossed with a Belgian shepherd or a German shepherd or even with a husky (huskyan) or even any other breed. The White Swiss Shepherd crossed with other breeds can cause a certain instability in the dog (this is still quite rare), but this remains to be proven when the crossing is made with a German Shepherd, the White Swiss Shepherd being him even a white variety of German Shepherd. A purebred Swiss White Shepherd is still therefore safer. This is why it is necessary to distinguish recognized BBS (with pedigree) and those whose origin can be doubted (especially when you can only see one of the parents). The best is therefore to contact breeders, and especially to ask to see in what conditions the puppies were raised!
The white color is a typical and ancient color of sheepdogs. At the beginning of the breeding of the German shepherd, the disposition to have white hairs was even very widespread. In 1899, the first German Shepherd was registered in the stud book of the German Shepherd Club (SV). It is known that the grandfather of this dog named “Horand von Grafath” was an all-white sheepdog named “Greif”. In 1913, the first White Shepherd was registered in the German Shepherd Stud Book. As early as 1933, the color "white" was prohibited in the standard of German Shepherds. From then on, the "white German shepherd" was banned from breeding and exhibition. Most white puppies were killed immediately after birth. The "White German Shepherd" was able to survive thanks to the North Americans who continued breeding. It was in 1964 that the first white shepherd club was formed in California, in order to defend and preserve the breed. In 1967 Mrs. Agatha Burch imported the first dog from the United States: "Lobo White Burch" was born on March 5, 1966 before the American Kennel Club (AKC) removed the "White German Shepherd" from its breed book. For this reason, he was able to be registered in the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) of the SCS under the name "White German Shepherd". With this male and Dixi Weisse Perle and Leika. The English hen “White Lilac of Blinkbonny” Madame Burch made a litter which could still be registered in the LOS appendix. Subsequently, the International Cynological Federation closed all descendant books to White German Shepherds worldwide. Two additional litters from Madame Burch's kennel "Shangrila's" could therefore no longer be registered. November 2002, The FCI provisionally accepts the Berger Blanc under the name of "BERGER BLANC SUISSE". Since 2003, the SCC Federation finally recognizes the breed under the name Berger Blanc Suisse. Finally, he can get the LOF.