belgian shepherd

cut 62 cm for males. 58 cm for females
weight males about 25-30 kg. Females about 20-25 kg.
federation FCI Nomenclature Group I, Section I
The Belgian Shepherd is a breed of sheepdog. The FCI Nomenclature classifies it as follows: Group I - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) Section I - Sheepdogs with working trial. combines the power of its structure and its lean musculature with the general elegance of its lines and the suppleness of its gaits. He is a lively, often intelligent dog. He shines in the majority of sports disciplines recognized by the SCC (agility, obedience, ring, RCI, tracking, rubble...) He is often very close to his master.
Belgian Shepherds have been selected for their intelligence, and their ability to be attentive to those around them. They are therefore often very sociable and do not bear repeated loneliness badly. Character as a pet Its low weight and alert temperament make it a dog of exceptional vitality that constantly asks to exert itself. He therefore needs a large garden, and a present family. In a family, the dog associates with a master and bonds very strongly with him. Protection societies use Malinois a lot because they are very lively and obey their masters very well if they have been trained correctly.