Bedlington Terrier

region Britain
cut 41cm
weight 8.2 to 10.4 kg
hair  Thick and felted. Tendency to curl
dress Blue, brown or sand, with or without fire
head Narrow, high and rounded skull, absence of stop
eyes Small, shiny, triangular. color according to the dress
ear Drooping, oblong, set low
tail Moderate length, set low
behaviour Lively and affectionate, with a hunting instinct
federation FCI Nomenclature group 3 section 1 no 9
It is no longer used for hunting, but in its home country it still participates in Lure Sight Pursuit races. It is above all a companion dog, appreciated for its gentle character and its particular appearance of a little lamb. Its dress requires special maintenance with regular grooming. It measures approximately 16 inches at the withers (41 cm).
Originally, the Bedlington Terrier was called the Rothbury Terrier, in honor of the district of Rothbury on the border with England. In Rothbury, Bohemian nailmakers highly prized the breed as a hunter of various types of game, including badgers. Around 1825, a Rothbury dog ​​was mated to a Bedlington female resulting in the Bedlington Terrier. The Whippet was probably added at some point in order to make the breed faster and more athletic. Other sources mention the Dandie Dinmont Terrier as a participant in the breed. The Bedlington Terrier was used as a vermin hunter by the Bedlington miners, who also exploited his courage as a fighting dog in the mines. Hunters have also used them as retrievers. The Bedlington Terrier was first presented as a distinct breed in 1877. The Bedlington terrier is currently a rare dog in France
He is a dog with a very gentle character, the most malleable of terriers... Very cuddly and close to his master, he has no tendency to run away. He has long periods of calm at home, but is lively outside and prone to play. He barks little, he's not a very good guardian! He gladly welcomes visitors, is not aggressive towards his congeners, contrary to what was said of him in the past. He is a very nice companion who loves cushions and cuddles.