Beagle Harrier

region France
cut 45 to 50 cm, rather small dog
weight About 20kg
hair  Fairly thick, not too short, flat
dress Usually fawn/black/white, but also tricolor gray or white/grey
head Moderately strong, with fairly large and bulky skull
eyes Well opened, dark in color, lively and intelligent expression
ear Falling, short and half-wide
tail midsized
behaviour Tenacious, placid, affectionate
federation FCI nomenclature group 6 section 1.2 no 290
The Beagle-harrier is a breed of hunting dog of French origin.
This breed was created in the 19th century by a Frenchman, Baron Gérard, who was looking for dogs capable of following galloping horses during hunts. It results mainly from a cross between two British breeds, the beagle and the harrier. At present, this breed is rarely encountered outside of France.
This dog was designed for hunting, preferably in packs. It is fast, has a fine nose, and is not afraid to venture into thickets. It can be used for game such as rabbit, deer, fox. Frank, affectionate and enthusiastic, he is also appreciated as a pet.