Basset fauve de Bretagne

region France
cut 32 to 38 cm (with 2cm tolerance) rather small dog
weight 16 to 18 kg
hair  Very harsh, dry, fairly short coat
dress fawn, ranging from golden wheaten to brick red
head Elongated, black nose rather tapered muzzle
eyes Neither prominent nor too sunken, dark brown color
ear Drooping, ending in points, turned inwards
tail Medium length, carried slightly sickle
behaviour Sociable, affectionate, balanced
federation FCI Nomenclature Group 6, Section 1.3, No. 36
Parturition In breeding, parturients produce an average of 5 to 6 puppies. Attention, a farm must meet specific hygiene guidelines. Although the basset hound is a very hardy dog, he must be given all the assistance necessary for the smooth running of the whelping. (In case of difficulty of expulsion, call a veterinarian who will take the necessary measures to assist your dog). Whelping is an effort of great intensity (uterine muscle contractions are colossally powerful on their scale). It is necessary to counteract the energy losses by an appropriate diet, which will provide, to the mother and the young, all the nutrients essential to their constitution. The first food intakes are crucial for the construction of a quality bone capital
Despite his fierce air, he is a calm and affectionate dog who often tends to seek the company of humans. His rustic and playful side means that he adapts very well to any environment, including the city, but on condition that he gets used to it very early. As a hunting dog, it is mainly used to hunt wild rabbits. His rough hair allows him to venture into thickets without any problem to flush out game. It is very enduring (but be careful to hydrate the dog well on the hunt because energy expenditure is very high. Do not hesitate to increase the daily rations either). In packs, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is sociable. Conflicts between dogs are generally very rare. If the case arises, the scuffles are short, but long enough to reestablish the hierarchy. The group is led by a leader, easily identifiable by his robustness, his character.