Alpine Basset

region Germany
silhouette About 18 kg.
cut 34 to 42. Rather small dog
hair  Very dense double coat with thick undercoat
dress Fawn tending to red, or black and tan red-brown
head Slightly domed skull, slight stop, black nose
eyes Dark brown iris, black eyelids
ear Drooping, smooth and wide
tail In brush, just reaching the ground
behaviour Fearless, awake and kind
federation Nomenclature FCI group 6 section 2 no 254
The Basset des Alpes is a breed of hunting dog. The international cynological federation attributes its standard to Austria and therefore recognizes it under the name of alpenländische Dachsbracke. It is also known as Braque Basset des Alpes and Braque Basset des Monts Ore.
The Alpine Basset would be native to Germany, more precisely from the Ore Mountains between Bohemia and Saxony. The breed spread very quickly and was initially known as the Mauersberg Pointer. The Austrian umbrella cynological association recognized it in 1932. The international cynological federation validated its standard in 1975.
It is a dog suitable for hunting hare, fox, wild boar, deer, or for bringing back game birds. Also suitable for bloodhunting (following the trail of wounded game). Pack hunting does not suit him. It has a fine nose, and is enduring and tenacious. Affectionate, he is however ill-suited to city life, unless he gets used to it at a very young age.