Norman Artesian Basset Hound

region France
silhouette long dog, compact
cut 50cm to 1m from the nose to the base of the tail, 26 to 36 cm high
weight 14 to 25 kg
hair  Ras, short and tight
dress Fawn with black and white coat or fawn and white
head Domed skull, marked stop, black and wide nose
eyes Oval shaped, large and dark
ear Soft, drooping, set low
tail Long, carried in saber
behaviour End of nose, cheerful, very affectionate
federation FCI nomenclature section 1.3 no. 34
The Basset Artésien Normand is a breed of hunting dog of French origin. Miscellaneous The Basset Artésien Normand is a dog that washes about every 6 months. It is advisable to walk it on a leash because it is a hunting dog and if it runs after an animal, there is little chance of catching it. In general, if you want a Normandy Artesian Basset Hound, you have to go get it in Normandy. This dog is tricolor: brown (tan), black, and white. The Basset Artésien Normand is a terrier hunting dog. He likes to hunt rabbits, hares, but not big game. He is an intelligent, affectionate and muscular dog.
Created in the 19th century, by Jean-Emmanuel Le Coulteux de Canteleu and Louis Lane, it is the result of crosses between Bassets de Normandie (or Basset de Lane) and Bassets d'Artois (from the Chien d'Artois), two breeds today disappeared today. The first standard written dates from 1898; it was modified in 1910 and in 1923. The breed was introduced in England and the United States. Initially created for hunting, he is mainly a companion dog today.
Basset Artésiens Normands are calm, gentle and affectionate dogs, but they do not like to be alone. They are a bit navel-gazing, but wise. They love to be taken care of, especially when playing or talking. They are the cook's perfect companions, watching for anything that falls. Pay attention to their relaxation, as they are able to jump surprisingly high and stay on their hind legs. Their quality of hunter is to have a fine nose. However, they are not too fast; their master can follow them. Be careful though, their small paws prohibit them from too rough terrain. Also, they don't like water in general. At home, they are cheerful and patient dogs with children. Of a rather obedient nature, they however require a firm education when they are small, because they are stubborn animals. They can live in an apartment, provided they get used to it very young and take them out frequently. Basset Artésiens Normands are very homebodies: once they get used to the location of things in a room, the location of their basket and their rhythm of life, they hate all changes. Move a piece of furniture, and they are able to stay in the location of the piece of furniture for days on end. Like many long dogs, they tend to sleep in sometimes comical positions, especially on his back to massage him.