region France
silhouette midline type, length slightly greater than height
cut from 53 to 65 cm
hair  Long, woolly, curly
dress Unicolor, different colors accepted
head Round skull, marked stop, hair forming a beard
eyes Round, preferably dark brown
ear Drooping, wide
tail A little raised, set low
behaviour Balanced, sociable, water-loving
federation FCI nomenclature group 8 section 3 no 105
The barbet is a French water dog. It belongs to group 8 (game retriever dogs - game retriever dogs - water dogs). It is the ancestor of the poodle and many other dogs, such as the griffins for example. Mythical dog that Goethe chose to embody the promise of absolute knowledge and the power of seduction. The black barbet is the form that the devil takes to present himself to Faust. Care The barbet can be brushed once a week. His hair can be cut with scissors about every two or three months to keep a reasonable length, between 5 and 7 cm. It can also be mowed, usually once or twice a year.
Originally, this dog was used as a swamp hunting dog (it has webbed paws), but it is now mainly used as a companion dog.
A calm dog inside, he likes to exert himself outside. He is an athletic dog who will enjoy accompanying his master on his walks, bike rides or horseback rides and who will not be asked for an agility course.