region Sahelian
cut M 64-74 cm, F 60-70 cm tall, slender and lanky
weight M 20-25kg, F 15-20kg
hair  Ras, end
dress All shades of fawn, balzane on the limbs, white breastplate, white brush at the end of the tail
head Fine, square
eyes Almond-shaped, fairly large, dark or amber
ear Set high, fine, drooping
tail Long, thin, tapered
behaviour Lively, attentive, distant
federation FCI nomenclature group 10 section 3 no 307
The Azawakh is a Greyhound originating from a Sahelian region that goes from Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. It takes its name from the Azawakh valley, near the central plateau of Niger and the border of Mali. It is also called Touareg Greyhound, Sloughi Touareg, or Southern Saharan Greyhound. Care He is not known to have any particular health problem. Its very fine hair requires a good weekly brushing. It is a dog cut out for running and therefore needs space and a lot of exercise. Top Speed ​​This greyhound can run and reach a maximum speed of 60 to 74 km/h, but over a short distance of about 300 meters. Sport Racing events on cynodromes or racing. Sight pursuit on decoy (PVL) or coursing.
Present in the Sahel for centuries, it appeared in Europe around 1970. The International Cynological Federation recognized the breed in 1981 and published a standard in 1982. Originally, this greyhound was used for hunting, its speed being very suitable for the pursuit of antelopes and the capture of birds in flight. Its beauty also made it a ceremonial and companion animal. The name "azawakh" is to be compared to the term "azuwakh" to mean textually in the Kabyle (Berber) language: "an arrogant".
Lively and attentive, it is an animal that can be a little distant, especially with strangers. He hardly seeks caresses. Soft and sensitive, it requires patient training, starting at an early age. This dog is also a rustic, lively and resistant hunter. Vigilant and fierce, he is a good guardian. He also has a determined character. He is an independent dog but affectionate with his masters.