region France
silhouette Not indicated in the standard. light dog
cut 50 to 58 Medium-sized dog
hair  Short, thin and tight
dress White with black spots; sometimes speckled, presence of fire on the head
head Slightly domed, black nose, slightly marked brow bones
eyes Wide open, brown, awake gaze
ear Drooping, flexible, long
tail Fairly thin, reaching the point of the hock
federation FCI nomenclature group 6 section 1.2 no 20
The Ariègeois is a breed of dog that takes its name from Ariège, a French department. Created for shooting and hound hunting, it would be the result of a cross between lighters from the country and large hounds from the south (probably the Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the Grand Gascon Saintongeois.
Even if we meet him more and more often as a pet, he remains a dog designed for hunting and may tend to gallop in the footsteps of an animal. Used primarily to hunt hare and small game, it can also be suitable for hunting deer or wild boar. A versatile dog, it is suitable for hunting in the plains as well as in the forest and in steep places.