Airedale Terrier

region England
cut 56 to 61cm
weight 25 to 30 kg (but not specified in the standard)
hair  Dense, stiff and hard
dress Black and tan, or gray and tan
head Well-proportioned, free from wrinkles
eyes small dark colored
ear Small, V-shaped, with the top line bent over the skull
tail Set high, carried gaily, usually cropped
behaviour Lively, sociable and confident
federation FCI Nomenclature group 3 section 1 no 7
The Airedale Terrier is a breed of dog that belongs to the terrier group. The Airedale is the largest of the burrows. It is also called Waterside Terrier, Bingley Terrier, Working Terrier or Warfedale Terrier. Hair Grooming 3 times a year. Regular hair removal. Grooming the Airedale is not a gimmick, depilation ("stripping") removes the undercoat allowing good ventilation of the skin, better regeneration of the undercoat for better protection against bad weather. Otherwise maintenance is very limited. No daily brushing. As with all groomed dogs, he loses very little hair and is not subject to seasonal shedding. In this he is the ally of the mistress (or master !) house and allergy sufferers Health This dog is prone to eczema (only if he rubs against fir or if you irritate his skin with a collar just after grooming before the coat has had enough repelled). The major problem with this breed is hip dysplasia. It has a life expectancy of around 10 to 13 years. Living conditions and advice Very adaptable dog. If you walk it enough it will make an excellent companion. On the other hand, his side of the pot of glue (as for all terriers) can sometimes turn to excess, don't forget that the pet is not you but him... Sporty dog ​​and capable of obedience if his education is well done from an early age. Sociable with his congeners, he does not support the aggressions of the latter, he is a proud and solid terrier who does not fear the fight and will never back down even in front of a more imposing adversary or a wild animal. You must therefore always bear in mind that this is a false calm. In conclusion, if you are looking for a loyal, affectionate and good guardian dog, the Airedale should meet your expectations.
The breed dates from the middle of the 19th century and results from crossings of otterhounds and Old English black, extinct breeds. Originating in Yorkshire, England, it was originally bred to hunt otters and rats. He was and is recognized as the king and greatest of terriers. If nowadays it is mainly dedicated to a career as a companion dog, it is still used as a hunting dog for big game and especially bears in Russia. It is also the flagship of the British police. It is besides at the origin, with the Rottweiler, the Schnauzer and the Newfoundland, of the dog created by the Soviet army: the “Tchiorny Terrier”.
Extremely playful, glue pot, cuddly. Worships his master. Dominant with men as with his peers but sociable and adorable with the animals in his household (including the cat). Good training skills for defense, guarding (as long as you don't let everyone pet him at home). Great flair. Very intelligent, very quick-witted, understands the slightest command at first sight. Knows when you want to play if not keeps quiet. The Airedale terrier needs daily physical activity, long walks and active games. If you are an overly permissive person unable to keep your commands and prohibitions consistent, the Airedale is not for you. He will listen perfectly but only if he respects you and you don't let him dominate you. Otherwise he will become more stubborn than a mule while remaining nice.