region Morocco
cut Between 52 and 62 cm
weight 25 to 30 kg (but not specified in the standard)
hair  Half-long (10 cm), thick, quite rough
dress Fawn, brown or black
head Strong, wide, generally conical in shape, with a slightly marked stop. strong jaw
eyes Medium in size, dark in color varying according to coat. Attentive and lively gaze
ear Semi-drooping, with slightly rounded tips
tail Long, scimitar-like, very bushy
behaviour Affectionate, faithful, obedient. Protective and Vigilant
federation FCI nomenclature group 2 section 2.2 no 247
The Aïdi, Atlas dog called Aïdi n Atlas by the Berbers, is a sheepdog originating from Morocco.
The Aidi is the smallest mountain dog (cousin of the Pyrenean mountain, Yugoslav shepherd, Anatolian shepherd...). It is native to the Atlas in Morocco, but it is also found in Algeria and Tunisia. However it is Morocco which made recognize this race. Each year, amateurs and veterinarians go on a campaign to identify the Idan (aïdi in the plural) in their native environment: in particular in the region of Ifrane where there are very beautiful specimens. Aïdi means “dog” in Berber. It is traditionally used to guard tents, houses and to protect the herds of nomadic shepherds in the Atlas since ancient times. It is also used by hunters in hunts (wild boars, foxes and jackals). Its origin remains poorly known: we do not know how to specify its ancestors. The first representations of this dog date from the 19th century, they are the work of orientalist painters and photographers. Moreover, its morphology has never been modified by unscrupulous breeders as has been the case for many breeds. It is a "natural" dog, a bit wild, ideal for all those who love authenticity. Of excellent silhouette, it has a hope of sixteen years, to see eighteen years. Rustic, adapted to the harshest climates, its mid-length and thick fur protects it from both heat and cold and the bites of predators.
Very intelligent and observant, he learns the commands very quickly (he is not a mechanized dog like the Malinois or German shepherds), as well as to put all your weaknesses to his advantage. Do not rely on his "teddy bear" appearance because he is a naturally protective and vigilant dog: an excellent guardian. He will make it a point of honor to defend his family and his property (animals included). He will need a serious master, knowing how to enforce the hierarchy because he could quickly become a tyrant (so neither couch nor bedroom). You will have to make sure you socialize him well. He gets along very well with all animals, cats, chickens, horses, sheep... as long as he was brought up in their presence. Small flat for the other dogs: with a dominant temperament, two adult males together would risk fighting. Very attached to his masters, it is best not to leave him too much alone or to offer him another companion. He knows how to stay perfectly calm in an apartment and he is very rarely destructive. However, very athletic, he needs large spaces to exercise or long daily walks. Agility, cani-cross, ski joëring are all designed to develop it.