maur arab

region Arabia
cut Medium
hair  Short and without undercoat
head Almost round (longer than wide)
eyes Ovals
ear large
tail Tapered, medium length
federation WCF
The Arabian Mau is a cat breed originating from the Arabian Peninsula. This medium-sized cat is characterized by its ancestral origins.
The Arabian Mau is a natural breed but was only recognized in 2009. These cats have occupied the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years, living in deserts and around hamlets. These cats were forged by the extreme climatic conditions of the Gulf countries and selected naturally. With the economic and demographic development of these countries, cities were gradually built and desert cats moved closer to inhabited areas in search of food. These street cats have long been ignored by locals in favor of more popular pedigree cats. 14 years ago, a German named Petra Müller and expatriate in the United Arab Emirates collected these cats and developed a breeding program after a few years. The last four generations have been followed with the aim of recognition of the breed by the various feline associations. In November 2007, 18 cats from these last four generations were presented to a WCF jury, which actually noted the presence of a common physique in all these cats and specific to this new breed, now called Arabian Mau. Officially, it was on January 1, 2009 that the Arabian Mau was accepted as a "new breed" by the WCF. The other feline associations do not recognize it yet.