region United States
silhouette Semi-foreign type
cut Medium
hair  Curly, short or mid-length
dress All dresses and colors accepted
head Snub triangle
ear Medium, well open at the base
tail Proportioned to the body
The laPerm is a breed of cat originating in the United States. This medium-sized cat is characterized by its coat with curly hair.
The breed was created in 1982, in the United States, in the State of Oregon by a woman named Linda Koehl. The curly hair is due to a natural mutation in the genes of one of their farm cats named Curly. She received no special treatment over the other cats on the farm, until one day she got stuck in the engine of a van and was injured. To care for her, she stayed indoors and became a real house cat. This is how the Koehls were able to appreciate his endearing and affectionate character. She then had a litter. The curly gene being dominant, the five kittens (all males) also had this particular characteristic. This is how the breeding of the Perm began. In order to get outside opinions, Linda took her cats to various cat shows. The judges, the other breeders and the visitors confirmed to her that she had very special cats. With the support of several important people in the breed associations, the laPerm was granted separate breed status and a breeding program was established. Today, although not very present in Europe, the laPerm has been exported to many other countries around the world.
LaPerms are described as very affectionate cats, enjoying perching on the shoulder of their owners. Of course, these character traits are perfectly individual and above all a function of the history of each individual.