region England
silhouette Semi-cobby type
cut Medium
weight 3 to 4.5 kg.
hair  Short and curly
dress All patterns and all colors are accepted
head Quite small
eyes Big and wide open
ear Very large and placed low
tail Long and thin
federation LOOF, CFA, ACF, ACFA, TICA, FIFe, WCF
The Devon Rex is a cat breed that originated in England. This medium-sized cat is characterized by its coat with curly hair. Health They are not fragile cats, but their fine fur makes them a little chilly. Care must be taken to keep them warm. Due to their fine and sparse hair, moulting periods go almost unnoticed. It is necessary to regularly clean its eyes and ears because it secretes a lot without being sick.
It was in England, in Devonshire that the breed made its appearance. In 1960, Miss Cox discovered a kitten with curly fur near a disused mine. She decided to adopt him and he was crossed with a tricolor cat which gave a curly male also, named Kirlee. There was already a breed of cat with curly hair called Cornish rex. She contacted a breeder of this breed and offered him Kirlee to improve his cats. All of Kirlee's kittens had straight hair. We understood that the gene responsible for this fur was not the same in the Cornish rex and in Kirlee. In order to fix this particular mutant gene, Kirlee was bred with a lot of inbreeding. It was not until 1979 that the Devon Rex was recognized as a breed in its own right, totally different from the Cornish Rex.
The Devon Rex is known for its playful, mischievous and mischievous character. He is described as an acrobat who hates loneliness and needs the presence of his fellow creatures. He would be very close to humans and would demand a lot of attention. He would also like to follow his master everywhere and participate in all the activities of the household. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each cat.