region Isle of man
silhouette Breviligne (cobby)
cut Medium
weight From 2 to 5 kilos generally
hair  Half-long
dress All
head Round, with a curved nose
eyes Round, tall, wide apart. The color matches the dress
ear Medium to small, wide apart
tail Absent
The Cymric is a breed of cat originating from the Isle of Man (British Isles). This cat is the semi-long haired variety of the Manx, having the particularity of not having a tail.
Like the Manx, the Cymric originates from the British Isle of Man. The island being isolated, there ended up being too much inbreeding and as a result, the genetic mutation of the gene responsible for the absence of a tail appeared. The gene responsible for the semi-long hair also existed and the two varieties were bred by a Canadian, Blair Wright and an American, Leslie Falteisek. The name Cymric comes from the Welsh “Cymru” which simply means “Wales”. The Canadian Cat Association (CCA) recognized the breed in 1970, the CFA in 1989, it took the opportunity to rename the breed “Longhaired Manx”. The breed is very rare in Europe and has not been recognized by FIFe. Anecdotally, this character is attributed to the stinginess of the inhabitants of the island, who, during a distant very harsh winter, cut the tails of all the cats to save firewood. Indeed, the door of the house would thus close more quickly on the cats, which would prevent the heat from escaping outside.
Just like the Manx, it would be a playful, active and very sociable cat. He would get along very well with children, strangers or other animals. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are above all functions of the history of each cat.