Cornish rex

region UK
silhouette slender
hair  Short, dense and wavy
dress All colors and patterns are allowed
head Oval, with a wide, curved nose
eyes Oval and well opened
ear Broad, pointed and very thin
tail shaped like a whip
federation LOOF, CFA, ACF, ACFA, TICA, FIFe, WCF
The Cornish Rex, also known as the Cornish Rex, is a breed of cat originating from the United Kingdom. This cat is characterized by its coat with very short, notched and soft hair. Health Despite its vulnerable appearance, the Cornish Rex is no more fragile than any other cat. However, given his short coat, he tends to be rather chilly. Also, you have to keep it warm. He will enjoy wrapping himself in a blanket or lying under the sheets of the bed. It is necessary to regularly clean his ears as well as his eyes which tend to become encumbered with secretions. It is not a sign of illness (otherwise the secretions would be green or yellow in color), only a peculiarity of the breed.
The Cornish Rex is native to Great Britain and is the result of a spontaneous mutation. The first cat of this breed, a male named Kallibunker, was born in 1950 with genetic anomalies presenting the particular characteristics of the future Cornish Rex. The name of the breed was given in honor of its region of origin, Cornwall, and in reference to its coat similar to that of the Rex rabbit. Kallibunker was mated with his dam to create a new line that was later exported to the United States. The breed was officially recognized in England in 1967.
The Cornish Rex is often described as a very sociable cat that hates solitude. He would enjoy the company of other cats and dogs. It is also said to be lively, lively and very playful. He would be affectionate and sensitive, constantly seeking caresses and attention. He is usually very attached to his master and is a real pot of glue. He would adapt very easily to apartment living. He also hates the cold. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are above all functions of the history of each individual.