Californian spangled

region United States
silhouette Semi foreign type
hair  Short
dress Pattern spotted tabby only
head Cuneiform
eyes Almond-shaped
ear Medium height, short
tail Midsized
The Californian Spangled is a cat breed that originated in the United States. This endangered cat is characterized by its spotted tabby coat reminiscent of that of the leopard.
Paul Casey, an American screenwriter created the breed sometime in 1970. He had just returned from a trip to Africa and wanted a cat resembling a small leopard. He also believed that people would give up wearing fur clothes not wanting to have their own animal's skin on their backs. For this he crossed many breeds of cats including Abyssinians, Siamese, American shorthair, British shorthair as well as Egyptian and Asian stray cats. It took 11 generations to obtain the desired model and it was therefore in 1986 that the breed was really launched. This breed remains extremely rare because competition from the Ocicat and the Bengal, also wild-looking and much more popular, has slowed its development.
The California Spangled would be a lively, energetic but very affectionate cat. He would also be a good hunter but still adapting to apartment life. It is also said that he likes to see everything that happens and share his life with his owners with whom he loves to play. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each cat.