Brazilian shorthair

region Brazil
silhouette Muscular but lean
cut Medium
hair  Short
head Tall, longer than wide
eyes Large and widely spaced
ear big and tall
tail Medium to long with rounded tip
federation WCF
The Brazilian Shorthair, also called Pelo Curto Brasileiro is a cat breed originating from Brazil. This medium-sized cat is characterized by being the first internationally recognized Brazilian breed and extremely rare.
The Brazilian Shorthair is a relatively recent breed of cat and its development is not very advanced. It is said to be descended from cats brought to Brazil by European settlers. In 1985 and for an experimental purpose, we began to select and breed Brazilian street cats. The Brazilian cat federation had indeed noticed that Brazilian feral cats were particular: throughout the country, their physical appearance was very similar to each other but different from what is seen elsewhere in the world. It is Paulo Ruschi, a feline judge working for the WCF who is at the origin of it and who worked on the standard of this breed. The first cats selected came from Rio de Janeiro, Cerea and Porto Alegre. It was in 1998 that the WCF recognized the breed. In 2008, there were still very few Brazilian Shorthair breeders and most of them are in the United States, the goal being above all to preserve the breed from extinction. Marriages with alley cats being authorized, this creates many oppositions in the world of purebred cats.
The Brazilian Shorthair is generally described as an affectionate, intelligent and active cat. However, they would be quite sensitive. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each cat.