American Bobtail

region Midline Semi-cobby
cut medium to large
hair  Short and mid-length
dress All colors and dresses accepted
head Wide with powerful jaws, no flat surface
eyes Oval
ear Set low, very hairy and with a plume at the end
tail Short, between 2.5 and 10cm
federation LOOF, CFA, ACFA, TICA
The American Bobtail or American Bobtail is a new breed of cat originating in the United States. This medium to large sized cat is characterized by its virtual absence of a tail.
The breed was discovered in 1965 by an American couple, the Sanders in the state of Arizona. The kitten had a wild look and a short tail that was pulled up over its back. They immediately decided to adopt him and named him Yodie. We crossed him with a Siamese. One of the kittens born from this litter was crossed with a cream cat and it is the kittens born from this union that are the first subjects of the breed. At first there was only short hair, but the breed was crossed with Persians to obtain a variety with semi-long hair. This breed has been recognized by TICA since 1989. It is also recognized by LOOF but remains rare in Europe.
Bobtails are known to be patient, active, yet gentle cats. They would be attached to their owner and would not like loneliness. They would generally get along well with dogs. They are said to be good hunters as well. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each individual.