Australian mist

region Australia
silhouette Semi-foreign type
cut Medium
hair  Short
dress Spotted or blotched tabby
head Large and rather round
eyes Big and expressive, green
ear Medium to large
tail Thick
federation ACF, WCF, WNCA
The Australian mist, also called spotted mist, is a cat breed originating from Australia. This medium-sized cat is characterized by its short-haired coat with a spotted tabby or blotched tabby pattern.
The origins of the Australian mist can be traced back to the late 1970s, when an Australian from around Sydney, Dr. Truda Straede began to crossbreed Abyssinians, Burmeses and local house cats. The goal was to create a very gentle and affectionate breed, unique to Australia, which until then had no breed of its own2. The Abyssinians were chosen for some of their colors and especially for the ticking of their dress, the Burmeses for their soft and placid character as well as for certain diluted colors that are not found in the Abyssinian and finally, the spotted tabby domestic cats to get this wanted dress1. In 1980, the breed was accepted into a register of experimental breeds, six years later and after four generations of cats, the breed was officially recognized under the name of spotted mist (name referring to the only dress accepted in the breed) . In 1997 the breed took on its current name when the blotched tabby coat was accepted. For the first time in 2004, the breed is recognized outside its country of origin by the WCF. At present, however, this breed remains almost unknown outside Australia, with the exception of a few English breedings.
The character of the Australian mist is one of the most important points in the development of the breed. He is described as calm and affectionate, intelligent and loving to follow his owner. It is also said that he is patient and easily accepts cohabitation with other animals or with children. These character traits remain however perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each cat.