region England
silhouette Semi-foreign type
cut Medium
hair  Short, silky and shiny
dress Traditional patterns, all colors except white
head short triangle
eyes Large and well spaced out
ear Well spaced on the skull
tail Medium size, rounded toe
federation LOOF, WCF, GCCF
The Asian, also called Asian, is a breed of cat originating in England. This medium-sized cat is a variety of the English Burmese which has different coats and patterns from the mink but having the same physique. It comes from the burmilla breeding program led by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg.
Breeding of the breed began by accident in England in 1981 when, unbeknownst to their mistress Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg, a European Burmese and a Persian chinchilla had a litter of Burmese-looking but colored kittens. chinchilla. The beauty of the kittens prompted the Baroness to start a breeding program for silver Burmese and created the Burmilla breed. From this breeding program were born many kittens whose color was not that of the chinchilla or whose coat had long hairs, which gave birth to the Asian and Tiffanie breeds respectively.
The character traits remain perfectly individual and are functions of the history of each cat; however, Asians are considered by Dr. Brice Fogle to be "more relaxed than Burmese and more sociable than Persian", they would also like company. The LOOF finds on the contrary that the asians have a character identical to the burmese.