American wirehair

region United States
silhouette Midline semi-cobby
hair  Short, hard and curly
dress Traditional dresses, all colors are authorized except chocolate, cinnamon and lilac.
head Midsized
eyes Rounded, placed at an angle
ear Medium size, little open
tail Thick at the base, medium length
The American Wirehair is a cat breed that originated in the United States. This cat is characterized by its coat with curly hair.
This breed descends from the American Shorthair. He appeared in a litter of American Shorthair in 1966 in New York State. One of the males in the litter, the only redhead had this fur. The kitten's owner appealed to a breeder of Rex variety cats, who bought it with one of the kitten's sisters who had normal hair. The two were crossed and gave birth to a litter of curly-haired cats. Thus began the breeding program for the breed. The curly and frizzy coat is due to a spontaneous genetic mutation. The gene is dominant, which is why it is still crossed with American Shorthairs today. The breed was recognized in 1987 by the CFA in the United States and by the LOOF in France. Arrived in France in 1972, this cat remains unknown outside of its country of origin.
The American Wirehair is a sociable, affectionate cat with a balanced character. Clever and robust, he likes to roam outdoors and is sociable towards his congeners and the other animals he may encounter. Its temperament is close to that of the American Shorthair.